Research and development

Shri Krishna Life Line Hospital

India is a large country with its unique health challenges. R&D programme at Shri Krishna is guided by these unique health challenges and Universal Health program of Government of India:

  • a) Maternal and Child health
  • b) Regenerative medicine
  • c) In vitro fertilization
  • d) Tropical neglected disease research
  • e) Conservation and environmental research
  • f) Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
  • g) New and Renewable energy research
  • h) Skill based education in developing countries
  • i) Blood bank as foundation of microbial and genomic research of common diseases, Cancer and rare diseases
  • j) Reducing cost of Renal replacement therapy
  • j) Virtual pharmaceutical company for unmet medical needs
  • Shri Krishna Life Line Hospital Shri Krishna Life Line Hospital Shri Krishna Life Line Hospital

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